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Compendiums of Technical Factsheets


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Pesticide Factsheets


  • Beyond Pesticides Gateway on Pesticide Hazards and Safe Pest Managementcontains ChemWatch factsheets, as well popular product and manufacturer names; uses and information on less and non-toxic alternatives; health and environmental effects; regulatory status; key studies and more.
  • Pesticide Education Project Right-to-Know Fact Sheets: Examples include - Glossary of Toxics Terminology; Lawn & Garden Pesticides Hazards & Alternatives; Household Pesticides Hazards & Alternatives; Pesticides Commonly Used on Christmas Trees, Cotton and Corn.
  • Pesticide Action Network Chemical Factsheets: links to factsheets on 9 different chemicals, as well as PAN's Pesticide Database.
  • Extoxnet Pesticide Information Profiles: Fles are maintained and archived at Oregon State University. I usually prefer the NGO factsheets, however Extoxnet's library is large and has a lot of useful information.
  • Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides Pesticide factsheets.


Alternatives Factsheets



Health Factsheet


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