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Rally at Dow Headquarters


This wiki is public. It would not be a good place to plan anything that you want to be a surprise. This page — with its teaser title — was created just to make that point.


We might as well put real links about the big chemical companies here so that this page is not a complete disappointment...


  • Recent news from the International Dow Accountability Network is that Dow Chemical and Dole Food were found liable for pesticide use that caused the sterility of some Nicaraguan plantation workers. It's probably small consolation if you are one of the workers who can't have children, but it is a milestone legally. The quote from Dow's lawyer is telling: "Dow Chemical is pleased that this jury concluded that six out of 12 plaintiffs were entitled to no recovery whatsoever." What a thing to be pleased about. By the way, can a corporation be "pleased?"
  • Another thought-provoking view of politics inside Dow Chemical is reported in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required, unfortunately (but consistently worth it)). The context is that all the big corporations are jockeying over who will make money and who will lose money as oil gets more expensive and the government makes some small steps on fuel economy and other conservation and climate protection measures. Dow is so diverse and the situation is so complex that some divisions profit while others lose money from these measures. In addition, some things that hurt Dow profit Dow's customers, and vice versa. The conflicting interests make it hard to achieve internal agreement on what policies to support.
  • Similar confusion is evident at Monsanto, which has made some abortive attempts at trying to be green. They seem to be positioning themselves to profit from the damage that climate change is doing to agriculture, per the position of Robert Shapiro. He also pledged not to commercialize terminator seeds. (As of 2003, Hugh Grant — not the actor — is the CEO of Monsanto.)
  • Meanwhile, at Syngenta, Mark Taylor is complaining about France's three-month suspension of commercial GM crops and threatening to take its bat and ball elsewhere: "Syngenta now does all its most advanced research in the U.S., and China will next," Taylor warns. See "http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&hs=EEK&q=site%3Aagrow.com+%22eu+policies+driving+away%22&btnG=Search'>EU policies driving away Syngenta, November 26, 2007" (subscription required, unfortunately (but occasionally worth it)). Like Monsanto's past CEO, Taylor argues that climate change increases the need to use GM crops.
  • More GM news — and more.

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