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Page history last edited by John Kepner 13 years ago

Protocol for the PWG Wiki


Keep in mind the idea is to create a movement site map by linking to existing information on PWG members’ websites, not to collect or reproduce information on this website. This is because it is important to keep this site as an activist tool that will not compete with PWG member group websites — this is especially important because the site is public.


Other Elements of the Protocol:


  • Use InterCaps between words (not spaces) when creating and naming new pages (even though the PBWiki will allow you to create new page names with spaces).
  • Make sure new pages fit in with the scheme set out in the Site Overview.
  • Check page-specific instructions, when available, at the top of each page.
  • Your contributions will be mercilessly edited by others. This process is particularly painful when major reorganizations of information become necessary. Without merciless editing, accretion of detritus can damage a wiki's usefullness. That said, try to be considerate: if you are editing material that you know is precious to someone else, try shooting them an email about it to build a shared vision for the material before editing it.


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