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Compendiums of Organizing Materials


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General Organizing Information


  • Beyond Pesticides Organizing Factsheets: Examples include - Getting Your Message In The Media; Talking to others about pesticides; Preparing for a Campaign; Getting the Pesticide Law Enforced; Using the Freedom of Information Act; Finding a Lawyer; and more.
  • A page of resources on Theories of Social Change.
  • Contaminated Without Consent. 16-minute video available free for you to use to help inform your community about the hidden risks from chemical contaminants found in our homes, workplaces, the products we buy, and even our bodies.
  • Green Media Toolshed - Op-eds, letters to the editor, media advisories and more - solid, concise background info on how to get an op-ed or letter-to-the-editor published in a local, regional or national outlet; also provides helpful tips and things to avoid.


Obama Transition/First 100 Days Materials



Campaign-Specific Materials


Children's Health

  • Beyond Pesticides Children's Health Resources: Organizing materials and state contacts, focused on pesticides in schools.
  • Pesticide Education Project Tips and Tools for Activists: Examples Include: Sample petition for safer school pest management; Sample letter to your school board; Ten Tips for Pesticide-Free Schools; Ten Tips for Talking to Elected Officials.


Lawns and Landscapes


Mosquito Management

  • Beyond Pesticides Mosquito/West Nile Virus Tools for Change: Materials to organize an end to mosquito-spraying in your neighborhood, city or state.
  • MosquitoZone Community Outreach Materials: Tools to launch a Community Action Program. Caution: Information on this website does not represent Texans for Alternatives to Pesticides' views regarding the use of DEET, DDT and other pesticides.

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