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Active Campaigns


Before you edit: We encourage you to add campaigns using the following format: "Organization and name of campaign (link): Description. Comments on campaign (by other users)." If you add a new Category, use the "Format" menu and choose "Heading 3". When possible, include new campaigns in the existing category that is the best fit. If this sounds too confusing, please add your link anyway and someone will help clean it up!


Biomonitoring and Body Burden

  • Coming Clean Project. Is It In Us? Chemical Contamination in Our Bodies: Toxic Trespass, Regulatory Failure and Opportunities for action. www.IsItInUs.com
  • Coming Clean page on Biomonitoring and Body Burden
  • Pesticide Action Network, partnered with Californians for Pesticide Reform and local partner groups, pioneered a community-based study linking biomonitoring and pesticide drift in Lindsay, California.


Chemical Campaigns


Children's Health


Community Use (parks and other public space)



  • PANNA's Drift Campaign: The drift campaign is focused on the problem of airborne pesticide drift (both spray drift and volatilization drift). Specific, active areas are the Multiple Drift Catcher projects that measure pesticide concentrations in the air, and the Campaign on Highly Drift-Prone Fumigants that is influencing the U.S. EPA's fumigants cluster assessment.
  • PANNA's Campaign for Review and Reversal of Methyl Iodide Registration: A hot button in the world of drift is that U.S. EPA registered methyl iodide — a new fumigant touted as a replacement for methyl bromide which is being phased out due to ozone layer damage — on October 5th, 2007. As with all fumigants, methyl iodide is highly drift-prone. In some respects, methyl iodide is an easy target...methyl iodide is widely recognized as mutagenic, the State of California recognizes it as carcinogenic, USDA ARS researchers have identified it as a possible groundwater contaminant, it is neurotoxic, and EPA's toxicological analysis contains numerous unwarranted assumptions. The only thing that methyl iodide has going for it is that it is so reactive that—unlike methyl bromide—it reacts before reaching the stratosphere and damaging the ozone layer. OCA and UFW have taken a very active role in asking for review and reversal. Many state-level organizations are picking up the fight in their states.


Human Testing


Environmental Impacts


Farmworker Issues

  • Farmworker Justice Pesticide Campaign: Part of a larger Health and Safety campaign.
  • Lake Apopka Farmworker Environmental Health Survey (this is a link to a presentation — website is under construction)
  • Pesticide Education Project Just & Sustainable Agriculture Campaign: Protect the environment, workers and consumers and spark economic development projects by supporting fair, sustainable agriculture in rural North Carolina.
  • This report by PANNA, United Farm Workers, California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, and CPR compiles information on reported farmworker pesticide poisonings and enforcement of pesticide worker health and safety laws throughout California, entitled Fields of Poison.
  • United Farm Workers Take Action: Often features actions regarding pesticides and other issue that affect farmworkers.


Home, Lawn and Garden

  • Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides Healthier Homes and Gardens: Pesticide-free solutions for pest and weed problems. Great monthly tips for keeping a healthy home
  • National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns: Advocates safe, healthy, LIVING lawns and landscapes with the use of organic and least toxic practices and products that nurture and protect the health of children, families, pets, wildlife and the environment from unnecessary exposure to toxic pesticides.
  • Talk Dirt with the Dirt Doctor . Use the search engine in the top left corner to locate organic solutions to pest problems in the mid-south.
  • Toxics Action Center's Refuse to Use ChemLawn Campaign: Be Truly Green.


Mosquito-Borne Diseases

  • Beyond Pesticides Mosquito/West Nile Virus Campaign: Promoting community-based solutions for least-toxic mosquito management.
  • PANNA Malaria/DDT On-line Resource Center: Campaign documents and summaries of scientific studies on sustainable approaches to malaria control, DDT health and environmental effects, and the politics behind the push for increased reliance on DDT for malaria control.




Organic/Sustainable Agriculture

  • Beyond Pesticides Organic Food Campaign: Protecting organic integrity and supporting sustainablitly in organics.
  • Pesticide Education Project Just & Sustainable Agriculture Campaign: Protect the environment, workers and consumers and spark economic development projects by supporting fair, sustainable agriculture in rural North Carolina.
  • Environmental Working Group's Food News: EWG always recommends buying organic, but we know you can't always find it. Our new Guide features the fruits and veggies with the most and least pesticides.


Persistent Organic Pollutants Elimination

  • International POPs Elimination Network - a global network of public interest non-governmental organizations working for the global elimination of persistent organic pollutants.
  • US POPs Watch - A national working group tracking US ratification of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.
  • POPs Review Committee Info - A repository of information about chemicals being considered for addition under the Stockholm Convention.
  • PANNA's Ban Lindane Now! pages - Information on state, national and international efforts to ban the organochlorine pesticide lindane. (Note - currently being updated).

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